My Top 5 Nintendo 64 Games

The Nintendo 64! The memories, this was the first video game system that I ever purchased. I remember working at my grandparents store for months to save up the money to buy the system. There were many days spent with my friends, all four controllers going. I sold the system before heading off to college, and it’s a decision that I often regret. Hopefully they will bring out a N64 classic with all of the great games.

Number 5: NFL Blitz

The arcade classic on a home console? Count me in. Hard nosed football where there are next to no rules. No need to kick extra points, every player can throw a pass. The create your own play feature was also ahead of its time. Though it lacked an in depth season/franchise mode this was always a fun game to just pick up and play.

Number 4: Goldeneye

The definition of an N64 game. The deep levels and the intense matchups on the multiplayers. It was impossible to have the console and not own this game. I’m not the best at first person shooters, so you’d always need the help of certain friends in order to beat certain levels so you can unlock everything. The game had so much repeat value whether repeating the levels, or just running multiplayer. Also there was no bigger dick move then playing as Oddjob and ducking down so it was difficult to see.

Number 3: 1080 Snowboarding

This was an early N64 game and one of the first I bought. Easy to pick up and play. Not much depth in terms of characters and different modes. Though the racing challenge always required a lot of discipline. In fact we designated my friend Brett the one to win the difficult races. It was always great performing the tricks you would never do in real life.

Number 2: Mario Tennis

All the classic Nintendo characters playing the lovable game of tennis, well “Game, Set and Match Mario”. Easy multiplayer for single or doubles matches. This was a great game to spend the whole day playing. I also loved Mario Golf, but I did not own it on N64 (I did have it on gameboy), though my friend Brett rented it and never returned it, luckily the video store he rented it from is now out of business so no late fines ever had to be paid! Any of the Mario games always bring out the best and worst of your friends.

Number 1: WWF No Mercy

The THQ wrestling games on N64 were all on another level. Starting with WCW/NWO World Tour, then Revenge, they switched over to WWF for the two best WWF Wrestlemania 2000 then the last of the bunch WWF No Mercy. This game features a deep roster and a really in depth create a wrestler. The storyline mode was also great with different directions it could go based on wins and loses. Being a huge wrestling fan at the time time I remember staying up all night the first night I bought the game!

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