The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Episodes 8-10 Recap

The Don’t Bothers are now playing some winning hockey. Now that means that Alex has to immediately forget the reason she started the team and become obsessed with only winning. Also you finally see that she works at Ducksworth as well! She becomes Gordon during D2 when he thinks he’s a Hollywood bight and forgets that youth sports are supposed to be fun. Logan the good looking kid who looks like he should be good at hockey but can’t skate is on Gordons watch list for coaching up. Cue the look he has an outside skill that can be converted over to hockey sequence. Turns out he is good at flipping pancakes, so Gordon teaches him stick handling where his new trademark is catching the puck in his stick and wrapping it around the net. During the big game of the episode, Alex refuses to put him in as lets face it to this point he has been a complete scrub. The team does some trickery to get him in to the game and the end and surprise, he scores the winning goal. Alex is pissed since now that she’s a great hockey coach she doesn’t like that the team did listen to her.

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Evan needs to get Alex (his mom fired) she’s become crazy and coach Bombay is now fully bought in and available. This episode is the yada yada love stories episode where things that can go wrong do, but everything works out well in the end. The hijinks begin on the bus to states and continue at the hotel, it’s the typical teenage back and forth. Alex finds out that Stephanie and her husband are getting divorced, so they find some common ground and bond. Gordon ends up at the bar with coach T and you know what they seem to be getting along! Of course soon after we find coach T is a massive swizzle stick and betrays Gordon by squealing to the people who run the tournament about Gordons NCAA violation from like a million years ago. Now he has to go on trial in front of the committee because somehow this 14 year old tournament is an NCAA recruiting event and they somehow can’t get over a stupid infraction from years ago. If you are familiar with the NCAA or not, sometimes programs coaches pay players when they get caught they get penalized and most can still coach shortly thereafter and move on with their lives. According to coach Bombay’s side of it, he paid 1 player and guessing based on the fact it’s NCAA hockey he probably didn’t pay him a ton, so at most he gets fired, fined and put on some NCAA probation period. Now he needs lawyers to help him out as apparently he no longer possesses any of his old lawyering skills, so Alex and Stephanie hit the highway to try and make a save.

Alex steps in and drops the long arm of the law on the assholes who run the tournament and Gordon is allowed to continue to coach. Of course the Don’t Bothers make it through to the finals and guess who they play… The Ducks. Well it turns out Sophies leg injury is really fucked and The Don’t Bothers care about her as a person and realize there is more to life and are willing to forfeit the championship so that she doesn’t risk further injury. The teams run in to each other in the corridor and they drop the challenge that they play The Ducks at the Ice Palace, if the Ducks win The Don’t Bothers will leave the league, if The Don’t Bothers win they get to become The Ducks! It’s a typical bad guy game with The Ducks coming out to an early lead and coach T telling them to win at any means necessary. Coach Bombay is able to pump up the team and hooks up the OG Mighty Ducks swag. The Don’t Bothers bust out the Flying V and head on to Victory. So The Don’t Bothers get to become the Ducks and the Ducks become the Fuck Offs as nobody cares about them anymore. Gordon gets to spruce the Ice Palace with the Ducks logo and now we all wait on season 2 Charlie Conways revenge!!!

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