5 90s Family Shows We Loved That Are Unwatchable Today

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The 90s… The peak of cable television, TGIF and SNICK were appointment viewing! With no on demand/DVR and a 99.9% chance you weren’t taping it, if you missed an episode you’d have to wait until summer reruns to catch up on what you missed. Of course now with the abundance of channels/shows and the fact you can stream anything makes it very cringy to look back and watch some of the shows we used to love. Some of it was just the over the top cheesy writing of a multi cam show, some of it was things we’ve learned about the actors since since then and some just need no explaining.

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1. Step by Step

The theme song ends with “We’ll make it better the second time around” I think that was our subliminal hint right here that we aren’t getting anybodies best. Show is fairly forgettable, so watching it by todays standards is impossible. The character that you remember as being funny was the cousin Cody Lambert, who lives in a van in the driveway, well he got written out after season 5 for getting convicted of domestic violence. To quote the legendary motivational speaker Matt Foley about Cody leaving the show “He will plenty of time to live in a van down by the river when he’s living in a van down by the river”. Cody was then replaced with Bronson Pinchot doing a French accent… yikes.

2.Full House

Three guys raising 3 daughters in SF. You’ve got the neat freak cheesy sitcom dad Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), the uncle who is obsessed with his Elvis, his hair and rides around in Harley Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) and friend who is a comedian/man child who does outdated cartoon character impressions Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier). Part of me wonders why Danny never sold his insanely baller 4 story SF townhome for millions and moved to the suburbs and hired people who actually knew how to raise children to help him as needed. Bob Saget is a legend and was the king of that era also doing “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, but even he would embrace the ridiculousness of Full House. The Olsen twins as Michelle were the stars of the shows, but it’s fairly cringe to watch now.

3.Family Matters

For a period Steve Urkel was everywhere! Crazy to think but he had every kid hiking their pants up, doing the Urkel dance and asking Laura if she had some cheese. Carl and Steve were a great comedic duo. The show hit a new level of eve insanity when Steve makes a cloning machine to become Stefan Urquelle (Nutty Professor Rip-Off) so he can finally win Lauras love. Moral of the story kids is if a woman doesn’t love you for who you are clone yourself in to somebody she would love. Hearing Steves voice now just sounds like nails on a chalkboards.


This was a show we LOVED. “I’m The Baby, Gotta Love Me” was the phrase my best friend had the t-shirt and rocked it all the time. The technology of it seemed so cool at the time, but we have a come a long way since then. All the inside dinosaur jokes aside, it’s your typically cheesy sit-com, so that plus the effects just don’t hold up well. Recently tried to rewatch the pilot and couldn’t even make it to the end of the episode. Definitely best lives on in our memories.

5. The Cosby Show

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Honorable Mentions:

7th Heaven, Saved by the Bell The New Class

What show did you used to love that makes you cringe today? Let me know in the comments

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