One Year of Viseland!

In 2020 my brother Michael and I finally decided to launch a podcast. We’d discussed the possibility of making a podcast for a few years, but never could nail down the what, where and how of it. We decided to go with the one thing we’ve spent the majority of our lives talking about which is Basketball. … More One Year of Viseland!

Ranking the Original NBA Jam Duos

In 1993 Midway came out with the game NBA Jam and it took both the basketball and video game worlds by storm. It was the only game that could even make my non-basketball friends want to play. I also feel like it was the first basketball game that was actually fun to play. The 2 on 2 format was simple and allowed the game to have much better graphics and gameplay to the 5 on 5 counterparts. Even playing out in the driveway or at school you’d start hearing people saying “he’s on fire” or “boomshakalaka”. … More Ranking the Original NBA Jam Duos

Basketball Players of the 1990’s Trying to Rap

When you buy through links on the site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more here Growing up in the 90s was really the beginning of this relationship between basketball and rap. Rap really came to the mainstream in the 1980s, right as the NBA went through its big ascent in to worldwide popularity with … More Basketball Players of the 1990’s Trying to Rap