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Jason’s Thoughts

Teaching your Kid about Star Wars

How do you teach a young Padawan about the ways of the Force? How do you introduce them to all the stories that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away? If Star Wars is something you loved in your youth it can be special to share that love with your little one. Thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to … More Teaching your Kid about Star Wars

Ducks to Love 2022 NFL Draft Edition

When you buy through links on the site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more┬áhere As an Oregon Duck Fanatic, I love my Ducks and would like you to love them too. As the NFL draft approaches your team could end up with the privilege of having a #ProDuck on your roster. So come learn about the 2022 crop of Ducks coming in to … More Ducks to Love 2022 NFL Draft Edition


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