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The Mighty Ducks: Hans vs Jan (According to ChatGPT)

Sometimes we look to AI to find the answers to one of life’s most important questions. I know I’ve already weighed in on the important subject of who is the better mentor in The Mighty Ducks Trilogy (read all about it here), but it’s always good to see what insights AI can provide us on this vital subject matter.

5 90s Family Shows We Loved That Are Unwatchable Today

The 90s… The peak of cable television, TGIF and SNICK were appointment viewing! With no on demand/DVR and a 99.9% chance you weren’t taping it, if you missed an episode you’d have to wait until summer reruns to catch up on what you missed. Of course now with the abundance of channels/shows and the fact you can stream anything makes it very cringy to look…


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