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The demand for sneakers is at an all time high. If you’ve been around it long enough you know how crazy it has become. The perfect mix of hype and limiting of supply makes it near impossible to ever walk in to a store and get that shoe you’ve been jonesing for. The popularity of apps like GOAT and StockX will authenticate the shoe but 99.9% of the time you are paying well above retail. Let’s take a look at how some problems of the sneaker game and learn how you can best maximize your enjoyment!

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Moving as a sneaker head can be a project

Problem #1

Online Raffles. Yes having the raffle online beats waiting in line overnight, but at least in line you knew that you stood a chance. With online raffles you can expect to win as often as you expect to win Publishers Clearing House. The fact they launch at 7:00 and by 7:01 it is all sold out is beyond frustrating. For many online is the only way they can get a pair as they may not have time or a good place in their vicinity. But between the bots and the probability being so slim it can just drive you insane when it’s a pair you really want.

Problem #2

Resellers!!! I know, I know but damn it’s super annoying. There is a billion dollar industry around reselling sneakers at a hefty profit. When I worked in the space it was the most obnoxious thing to see each and every launch. They’d be the first people in line and bring their brothers, cousins, sisters, friends, neighbors and even saw somebody make their pregnant girlfriend wait in line overnight! Many people would go straight from the purchase over to Flight Club and if they couldn’t resell them would be right back in the store the next day to return them. The main things here are that they make it much more difficult for the people that have lives and just want to be able to get shoes at their local spot. I always called Flight Club a candy store for sneakerheads that’s priced like a steakhouse. Today you can pretty much find any sneaker you desire on different apps, but they will be well above retail

Problem #3

All the influencer/celebrity/assholes on social media getting freebies. Yes there are celebrity sneaker heads, but these people get them sent stuff for free. They don’t have to worry about waiting inline, going online or running around town to get the pair. It also brings out a lot of hype beasts who just want to dress like so and so.

Problem # 4

Space in your home is limited! Odds are you are acquiring more shoes than you are losing. For me I go through running shoes pretty fast, but the vast majority of the shoes that are in a wear rotation can last for a very long time since I’m not wearing them a ton. So nothing is worse then moving as you need to gather all of your inventory and then figure out how you’re going to store it all at your new home. I’ve got dedicated closet space and several boxes under beds, so luckily everything fits in my home. I do know people that have storage units or have to hide shoes from their partners.

How to enjoy being a sneaker enthusiast

Connect with Stories

For performance shoes it is about what is the best for the sport I’m competing in. For sneakers it’s about 25% comfort and 75% the reason I’m buying it is ___. Most retro shoes breakdown in to those I had as a kid or those I wish I had as a kid. I feel the stories and legacy behind the shoes is what get you interested in the first place. Sneakers are a also a chance for you to create your own stories to connect to event There is nothing I love more then targeting an event and saying I’m going to wear a certain shoe because I know it will be fresh. It makes you feel confident and it helps you remember the event. I made customer Kobe sneakers for myself and my groomsmen at my weddings so that we could all celebrate the special day in style.

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Think Long Term

Shoes do not last forever. You missed out on that pair, life will go on. Shoes themselves do not last forever. Even unworn shoes will begin to oxidize and you will see things like foggy air bubbles and sometimes that thing you just pulled out of the back of the closet after 10 years can crumble the first time you wear it out. The midsoles and glue eventually begin to wear and colors can begin to fade. So remember what you are buying should have some intention of wearing at some point, because take it from experience there is nothing worse then going out in shoes you think are fresh and all of all sudden you’re flopping around in a show that is crumbling or separating.

Set the Right Expectations

It is an addicting habit, new sneakers are releasing every single week and they are always cooler than the ones who have come out before. So know your financial limit and like Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade you have to be okay letting go. Set a time limit of how long you will actively chase a shoe if you don’t find it at a decent price shortly after the release curb it and look back in a few months, obsessively checking apps just puts you in a bad place. Balance is a key to life so make sure you have a healthy mix of sneaker shopping and regular life activities.

Love What You Have

All hobbies you participate in should have 1 thing in common YOU enjoy it. So don’t let pretentious people tell you the shoes you like are lame because they aren’t X or Y. 99% of the general population does not care about sneaker culture, so do it for your own personal enjoyment. For me I connect with anything University of Oregon and 90s basketball shoes that I either played in or wanted to play in. If you do it your way and are true to your style every shoe can look like the coolest in the world. Take a look at my all time top 5 favorite shoes here.

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