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When Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl in 2002, I was a sophomore in High School. Now almost 20 years later he is still winning Super Bowls! Some people consider Tom Brady to be the GOAT of Quarterbacks and it is hard to deny his status with his impressive resume. I was never a Patriots fan so I wanted to hate Tom Brady real badly, but dammit he was a super nice guy! If you’re nice to me I will always kind of root for you, but if you were not nice to me (full names list coming soon) I will root for the other team every time!

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It was another day working at Nike in Beverly Hills, I was up on our second floor in the women’s footwear section. If we had athletes coming in they would be on our daily sheet and it would list their name and how much they are getting in complimentary product (yes most of these people do not buy things!). All of sudden the manager was jotting something on our daily sheet Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen were set to come in each were given a $1000 allotment (though they said we could be flexible here). We had lots of celebrities coming through the store (see my story on The Rock here) so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary upon first glance.

Turns out the paparazzi were tailing them, so they had called and requested that they park in the garage under the store (only the store manager parked there). Of course in this case the manager moved their car so Tom and Gisele could escape the cameras and make it in to the store. The garage would take you to the stock room and from there you could take an elevator to the 1st and 2nd floors. It was a big crew Tom and Gisele with their kids and Gisele’s sister/brother in law were also there. Since they were trying to keep a low profile they took our “VIP Room” which was really more of a conference/storage space and let them post up there. Then I get the call to go over there with one of my coworkers. The plan is simple my friend would accompany Tom Brady downstairs to our mens section to get what he wants and I would accompany Gisele to help her get what she was looking for.

The way the store worked is you would scan shoes and there would be people in the stockroom who would send them up to the sales floor in tubes. So I took Gisele around for a lap of the floor and she picked out some stuff she liked and I ordered them up hoping we had them all in stock. My friend and Tom came back upstairs and had some shoes to be sent up. It was interesting as he kind of looked and acted like a dorky guy, he wasn’t the 80’s movie villain you want to paint him out to be. They were both engaging and treated us with respect which was refreshing as it’s not always the case in Beverly Hills… We gathered all their stuff and started ringing it up, the total ended up being quite a bit above their allotment, but guess what it’s good to be Tom and Gisele as no money exchanged hands…

We grabbed the many bags to help escort them back to their car. When we got in to the elevator Tom noticed a sheet that was taped up in the elevator. It was an announcement (that my friend and I had posted) letting people know that we were playing basketball Monday Nights at West Hollywood Park. Tom noticed it and had an intrigued look, so I told him “yeah we’re playing every Monday you should come by” and he looked back and nodded and said “maybe I will”. We loaded up their Escalade with their gear (the car had Massachusetts plates, so long drive…) and they thanked us and headed out. Fast forward to the next Monday and it is slightly drizzly so my friend and I make the decision not to go to the park for basketball. Now I keep thinking what if Tom Brady showed up to play ball and we flaked on him? So I think Tom Brady was a nice guy, but not sure his opinion on me which would all depend on if he showed up to the park or not!

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