This Dad’s Favorite Toddler Books

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My son is obsessed with books! One of my favorite things is when he goes to the his cubby to go grab a book. He’s definitely got some preferences, if he doesn’t like a book he will let you know. It’s important not to take offense when they split 90% of the way through the book. It’s awesome seeing him learn new words and point to things he knows (he loves cars). Personally I’m a sucker for a lot of the books that I was raised on, but it’s cool to see some of the new books and characters out there for kids. Sadly a few of my childhood favorites don’t hold up super well (I’m looking at your Curious George and Babar) but some still have that special touch! At this time we’re still sticking with mostly board books as we still have an issue tearing up paper books (lift the flap books can also get damaged quick). So check out some books that I love reading with my son.

Pout Pout Fish

The Pout Pout Fish with the Pout Pout face who spreads his dreary wearies all over the place. It help my son get more interested in fish and there is nothing cuter than when he wants to read it and says “Pout Pout”. There is also an alphabet book and a bunch of different scenarios like going to bed or the dentist.

Little Blue Truck

My son loves cars, so he always lights up when we pick up a Little Blue Truck book. There are a lot of farm animals involved in the stories so you get that in addition to the cars/trucks. You have a honk along book in addition to springtime and bedtime.


Corduroy is a classic book first published in 1968 and has a follow up a Pocket for Corduroy. This cute little bear with his overalls and optimistic outlook still touches me to this day as it was also one of my favorite books. My son likes to hold his little Corduroy stuffed animal while we read it.

Look, Look Again

You know you have a good book when you can turn 1 donut into a cat. It’s interactive and helps teach numbers. It’s great in that you can read it to them and they will like and they can just flip through it on their own and still giggle and enjoy the book.

The Serious Goose

The ultimate book to bring out the silly goose in any child. Jimmy Kimmel writes and animates the book and it’s a fun little read. It really encourages you and your child to be playful and have fun. It is a paper page book, so you need to be gentle with it, but it is worth the possibility of a possible torn page.

Noisy Books

This is a series of books that you can read to your child and they can also enjoy it on their own by pressing for all of the noises. The first book we were introduced to was Noisy Trucks. After this we immediately went out and found every one we could! They feature great noises for both things that go and animals, so it’s a great way to engage your Childs interests.

Demdaco Books

Super soft books that can make some noise! Can be good for traveling in your own vehicle (the noises don’t fly as well on a plane…). It uses a little wand you press on the page to make the noises happen. We’ve been partially to the animal books and they helped introduce a lot of animals.


As the brand states these books are Indestructible!!! The pages cannot be ripped, they are resistant to drool and are fun and colorful to keep your Childs attention. These are essential for travel as they fit so easily in a bag and it can survive any scenario.

Sandra Boynton Anything

Everything by Sandra Boynton is a hit! They are short and all have fun themes. We go through 3-4 of them each session. They were some of my sons first favorite books.

That’s not my ____

These are a fun tactile way to learn about different animals. The book states that not my X (Insert Animal Here) and tells the kids things the animal does not have then ends with something that the animal does have. It’s also very British in that it use the adjective “Tufty” several times.

Star Wars Block

As a huge Star Wars fan it was important to try to get my son in to the series as soon I could. This book is fun as it goes in order of the films and introduces all of the characters and different items to know. Some pages have some good fold outs. The best part was having my son getting excited to get that Yoda page and just giggling. Also easy for him to just flip through and look at things that he finds exciting. Luckily I had Yoda, Wicket and Chewbacca stuffed animals as those were some of the first toys he recognized by name!

What are some of your favorite toddler books? What are some books we can look forward to when he gets older? Let me know in the comments!

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